Affirmations 101

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Affirmations 101 - How to write and practice affirmations to work for you!


What are Affirmations? 
What is the right way to write an affirmation?
What should you do with them?
Why do they work?
How should you use them to accelerate your results?


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Accelerate your results with affirmations


An Affirmation is a powerful tool that can help you change limiting beliefs and stop the negative self-talk creating roadblocks on your way to success.


Use affirmations to retrain your brain and make it work FOR you rather than against you to achieve anything you want in your life. 


Wanna know how to write Affirmations that really work?

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    Affirmation Examples

    15 Daily Affirmations For Success:

    1. I am taking action towards my goals every day and enjoying the journey.
    2. I am grateful for my talents and abilities, and I love using them to create success.
    3. I am confidently expressing myself always attracting positive opportunities.
    4. I am managing my time effectively and achieving everything I set out to do.
    5. I am excited making meaningful connections and building a supportive network.
    6. I am focusing on the present moment and feeling peaceful and calm.
    7. I am constantly improving myself and feeling excited about my progress.
    8. I am achieving greatness and I’m enjoying the journey.
    9. I am attracting abundance and enjoying the rewards.
    10. I am thrilled to be living my purpose and making a positive impact.
    11. I am surrounded by positivity and feeling inspired.
    12. I am fearlessly pursuing my goals and enjoying the challenge.
    13. I am learning and growing every day towards success.
    14. I am feeling empowered, aligning with my vision.
    15. I am expressing gratitude and attracting even more success.
    Losing inches or cms

    10 Daily Affirmations For Weight Loss:

    1. I am feeling confident and healthy at my ideal weight.
    2. I am proud of myself for achieving my weight loss goal and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
    3. I am choosing healthy, nourishing foods that support my body and mind.
    4. I am enjoying regular physical activity and feeling strong and energized.
    5. I am prioritizing self-care and treating myself with kindness and compassion.
    6. I am listening to my body’s needs and honoring them with love and respect.
    7. I am embracing a positive mindset and speaking kindly to myself and others.
    8. I am celebrating my progress and acknowledging my achievements along the way.
    9. I am grateful for my body, and I'm taking good care of it.
    10. I am living a vibrant, healthy life and inspiring others to do the same.

    20 Daily Affirmations For Self-love:

    1. I am worthy of love and compassion, including from myself.
    2. I am embracing my strengths and accepting my flaws, because they make me unique.
    3. I am taking care of myself physically, emotionally, and mentally, because I deserve it.
    4. I am forgiving myself for past mistakes and moving forward with self-love and acceptance.
    5. I am allowing myself to feel and process my emotions without judgment.
    6. I am setting boundaries that honor and respect myself and my needs.
    7. I am speaking kindly to myself and celebrating my achievements.
    8. I am loving myself unconditionally, just as I am.
    9. I am choosing thoughts and actions that nourish my soul and make me happy.
    10. I am affirming my worthiness of love and living a life filled with it.
    11. I am letting go of comparison and embracing my unique journey and path.
    12. I am allowing myself to receive love and appreciation from others, while also loving myself.
    13. I am releasing self-doubt and trusting in my abilities and potential.
    14. I am choosing to see the good in myself and my life, even during challenging times.
    15. I am expressing my needs and wants with confidence and assertiveness.
    16. I am treating myself with kindness, patience, and compassion.
    17. I am embracing my worthiness of a happy, fulfilling life.
    18. I am giving myself permission to prioritize my own needs and self-care.
    19. I am acknowledging and celebrating my accomplishments and growth.
    20. I am committed to loving and caring for myself every single day.
    Relax Body Soul

    10 Daily Affirmations For Mindfulness And Presence:

    1. I am present in this moment and fully engaged with my surroundings.
    2. I am aware of my thoughts and emotions, and I am choosing to observe them without judgment.
    3. I am breathing deeply and mindfully, allowing myself to relax and find peace.
    4. I am cultivating a sense of inner calm and stillness, no matter what is happening around me.
    5. I am living in the present moment, rather than dwelling on the past or worrying about the future.
    6. I am practicing gratitude and appreciating the beauty and abundance in my life.
    7. I am fully engaged in my daily activities, savoring each moment and finding joy in the simple things.
    8. I am listening deeply to others, giving them my full attention and presence.
    9. I am letting go of distractions and focusing on what truly matters in my life.
    10. I am living mindfully and intentionally, bringing awareness and purpose to everything I do.
    Abundance in lavender field

    10 Daily Affirmations For Abundance:

    1. I am grateful for the abundance that surrounds me in every area of my life.
    2. I am open and receptive to the abundance that is flowing into my life effortlessly.
    3. I am deserving of abundance, and it is manifesting in my life every moment.
    4. I am aligned with the energy of abundance and prosperity, and I am attracting more of it into my life.
    5. I am creating abundance in my life by taking positive actions and making choices that align with my desires.
    6. I am embracing abundance and letting go of any limiting beliefs that may have held me back in the past.
    7. I am living in a state of abundance and celebrating the abundance that surrounds me every day.
    8. I am attracting abundance into my life easily and effortlessly.
    9. I am worthy of abundance and success, and it's reflected in my life in many positive ways.
    10. I am grateful for the abundance in my life, and I love sharing it generously with others.


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