Life is a learning playground. 

Stop taking it too seriously!

Our culture rewards high-achievers and has a wonderful way of creating a guilty conscience for anyone who does not strive for a ground-breaking, super meaningful, giving back to society, "always doing something", busy life.


I say,


Experience life

as best as you can

Having struggled with the "good girl" syndrome all my life and finally tamming it, I'm now creating a program to help other “good girls” discover their voice, stand up for themselves, and confidently ask for what they want.


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A step-by-step guide to embrace your “good girl” attitude and confidently get what you want.

My mission is to help you discover who you are and what you love doing (or not doing) and inspire you to be just that, regardless of what society or your head has taught you to believe.

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Life is not about quantity, it's about quality. It's not about how much you do or how much you have, but more about how you feel each moment of every day.


It's about your journey and not the final destination.


Release stress, fears, self-doubt and criticism, connect to your inner-self and start living the life you enjoy, living in the moment, free from regrets.

I asked Myrto to coach me again, because I am refreshing myself everytime I sit with her.
You do not forget your experience, ever.
Who I am being changes every single sitting we have.
She is to me the ultimate coach.
I was blessed when we crossed paths.
She is more than a coach. She has become part of my family, my heart, my being in the world.
Simply standing next to Myrto for 10 minutes would be enough to transform something inside me.
I am a better father because of who she is being in life.
I am able to forgive more because I have spent time in her presence.
I am able to love and sustain my relationships because we coach together.
I am being a more conscious person because I met my coach, Myrto.
I am totally relaxing because of the time spent easing into a more settled way of being.
She has 3 wonderful cats, don't worry, embrace them. 
There's an experience, and somehow they're part of it.
Thank you, for all the blessings and miracles you've been able to help me see within myself.


Alex H.

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