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My 77-Day Facebook Live Challenge

Day 1

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Day 77/77 - Things are a lot easier than what you imagine before you begin.

Day 76/77 - The one before the last - presence - let go of the need to know

Day 75/77 - 5+3 Stages of Grief when a relationship ends... and someone else enters the picture!

Day 74/77 - Imposter Syndrome

Day 73/77 - My non-advice for the upcoming holiday season

Day 72/77 - Sunday night blues? Why?

Day 71/77 - As the holiday season is approaching... what gift are you going to give yourself?

Day 70/77 - Why balanced living is a myth and why it's ok

Day 69/77 - How to become better at relationships

Day 68/77 - Having a bad day?

Day 67/77 - Not ashamed to ask for help

Day 66b/77 - To change others, change yourself

Day 66a/77 - Let go of your need to be perfect... and give yourself a break!

Day 64/77 - You're not broken. You're imperfectly perfect.

Day 63/77 - How do you know you're pursuing the right goal?

Day 62/77 - Take a few minutes out of your busy day to sit in silence

Day 61/77 - Procrastination, overwhelm, exhaustion or just laziness? And what to do about it.

Day 60/77 - Use a C.R.A.P. Board do get rid of your negative thoughts

Day 59/77 - What can we learn from nature?

Day 58/77 - Playfulness | 5/5 My core spiritual values

Day 57/77 -Acceptance | 4/5 My core spiritual values

Day 56/77 - Love | 3/5 My core spiritual values

Day 55/77 - Authenticity | 2/5 My core spiritual values

Day 54/77 - Gratitude | 1/5 My core spiritual values

Day 53/77 - When you live in sync with your values, making decisions becomes easier.

Day 52/77 - World HELLO day

Day 51/77 - Laugh at yourself

Day 50/77 - Is fear stopping you from pursuing your dreams?

Day 49/77 - Ask and you shall receive. Try this experiment.

Day 48/77 - What is the Universe trying to tell you? What in your life needs fixing?

Day 47/77 - Embrace yourself. Embrace your body. Embrace your age.

Day 46/77 - One way to help yourself push forward with something you wanna do, but keep failing in the past!

Day 45/77 - 10 Do's and Don'ts to jump-start Mondays in a positive way

Day 44/77 - When should you listen to your intuition?

Day 43/77 - Polarisation - Views - Beliefs - Opinions and the Ego

Day 42/77 - Do you celebrate your wins? Why it's important to do so.

Day 41/77 - How Vision Boards can help you focus on your goals and achieve them faster.

Day 40/77 - Dream big!

Day 39/77 - Thoughts on Life Purpose

Day 38/77 - Deal with guilt and resentment. Now!

Day 37/77 - How attached are you to your things?

Day 36/77 - Limiting beliefs are affecting your life. Can you change them?

Day 35/77 - Reflections and the Law of Attraction

Day 34/77 - Complete the mirror experience and change how you see yourself!

Day 33/77 - How do you handle strong feelings and emotions?

Day 32/77 - Use feedback to your advantage

Day 31/77 - Why you shouldn't take life too seriously

Day 30/77 - Do a monthly review to track how you’re doing!

Day 29/77 - Become an askhole!

Day 28/77 - Can't say No?

Day 27/77 - What is one thing that will change your whole life if you achieve it?

Day 26/77 - Who are you grateful for? Do they know?

Day 25/77 - Visualization: What you see is what you get!

Day 24/77 - How I conquered my fear of public speaking. If I can, you can too!

Day 23/77 - Should you Take Action or Take a Break?

Day 22/77 - Take Action to achieve your goals

Day 21/77 - Allergic to the word COMMITMENT?

Day 20/77 - Goal Setting 101

Day 19/77 - Claim back your power

Day 18/77 - You always have a choice

Day 17/77 - $h!*t happens. What do you do?

Day 16/77 - Decide what you want and why

Day 15/77 - Your life as a pizza...?

Day 14/77 - How do you utilise the most productive time during your day?

Day 13/77 - Listen to your body

Day 12/77 - Step out of your comfort zone

Day 11/77 - Handling messes and incompletes

Day 10/77 - When you wanna do nothing...

Day 9/77 - The greatest gift you can give another person

Day 8/77 - Are you a Perfectionist?

Day 7/77 - What's your bucket list?

Day 6/77 - You are enough!

Day 5/77 - Asking for help

Day 4/77 - Do you have the good girl syndrome?

Day 3/77 - Taking care of yourself 

Day 2/77 - What is your one word?

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