Be the RockStar of your life

Music has always been part of my life. Ever since I can remember, I've loved listening to music. When I was five, I had a small radio I used to listen to in bed, waiting for my mom to wake up... I was an early riser, so I stayed there before dawn, listening to whatever was on in the dark. And I loved it! Music kept me company.


Later on, I hung posters of my favourite music groups and rockstars on my wall. And I used to imagine what their lives would be like. Idolising them. Dreaming of meeting them.


As a teenager, I lay on the floor, stared at the ceiling and got lost in music for hours. My friends started calling me Radio because I knew so many lyrics by heart.


For years, I've been waking up having a song in my head. It's always a clear sign of my state of mind, mood, or even what I need to do in a situation. It's incredible! I'm always amazed by the clarity of the information that I receive from the lyrics of these songs!


It’s not surprising I ended up working as a production assistant organising concerts for twenty years. I had the good fortune to work exclusively with an amazing singer, a true RockStar. Being part of her production team. The four of us - the "Dream Team" - were like family and travelled all over the world.


Through her, I met a lot of artists in the music industry. I saw a lot, learned a lot, experienced a lot. I spent time with artists, singers, musicians, technicians, other production teams, politicians and fans. And I witnessed every aspect of social or antisocial behaviour. Experienced the highs and the lows. I laughed, got frustrated, surprised, felt stressed, tired, overjoyed, grateful, pissed, sad, happy, interested, bored… I cried … and sometimes they were tears of happiness.


It was my school of life. Seeing first-hand how one can connect with, touch and affect another human life. 


And what I learned is that there are rockstars, and there are RockStars

Balancing rocks

You are a true RockStar when you shine. When you're a beacon of light to everyone around you. When you're creative and use your natural talents in the best way possible. When you're doing what you love. When you create joy. Being the inspiration for others. When you can help and support people and get satisfaction from doing it. Being confident and content. Having the financial freedom to do everything that makes you happy. Living with integrity. Being surrounded by unlimited love. When you're feeling grateful for your divine gift, appreciating what you have, and knowing who you are. Feeling fulfilled!


This is who I call a RockStar with a capital R and capital S! And you don't have to be in the music industry. You can be anyone or anywhere.


Rock is music, fun, creative, raw, steady, solid and Star is light, unique, shiny, beautiful, positive, warm. What a combination!


It’s exactly what I decided I wanted to be in my life. A RockStar. Even though I couldn't utter a note out of my mouth (although, I've become somewhat better at that!). It's how I try to live my life now, and my project is to help create one RockStar at a time. It's who I'd love for everyone to be! 


So... go and be the RockStar of your life. Be a beacon of light, inspire, and spread the love and joy to everyone you encounter.



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