Beyond Labels - Beyond One Perspective

This photo I took at Athens Pride (June 10, 2023) inspired a lot of food for thought. 


We live in times where identification with something and labelling prevails. We feel the need to define ourselves and belong somewhere. We want to be acknowledged for our choices and beliefs, and when we're not, we become resentful. 


We form groups of "us against them". The options are countless: LGBTIQA+ vs straight, black vs white, left vs right, vaccinated vs unvaccinated, vegan vs eating meat, Christians vs Muslims, rich vs poor, country A vs country B, and the list goes on and on. The result is a lot of fear and hate speech. We can see it on Social Media, in the news and within our communities. And it seems to be escalating.


It's in our nature to want to stay in our comfort zone, and these groups, these labels facilitate this. We feel we belong. We feel protected. Everything outside them, is to be questioned or feared. We believe we’re fighting for a cause… and maybe we truly are, but we feed our Ego with this division. Others become enemies. It’s been part of our survival mode throughout our evolution. 


But it's time to accept that - thank God - we're not all the same. Life would be very boring if we were! And that it's futile trying to convince the rest of the world that we're right and that our truth is the only truth.


Beyond Labels

Let's ask ourselves: "Can we go beyond one perspective?"


Everyone deserves the freedom to be who they choose to be and hold their beliefs as long as they do no harm to others. Unfortunately, the “do no harm” part is very subjective and that’s where many problems arise, but…


As it says on the banner: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion! It's something we should all stand for, advocate for, and strive for. Because, after all, underneath these labels, we're just human beings. And, united we stand, divided we fall.


What if you opened your heart and accepted other people as they are? Without judgement, without fear, without feeling superior or inferior. Without anger. With love, kindness, compassion and understanding! The world would definitely be a better, happier, safer place.


Stand in your truth and allow others to stand in theirs. Even if you disagree, even if you don't understand.

And to take it a step further: Can we go beyond labels?


And I'm not talking about just the labels you put on others, but also on yourself.


Who are you here and now, without your past, future, and the identity you have assigned yourself? What is your deepest inner truth? Beyond your label. What’s your core essence? 


Stand still. Breathe. Feel your energy and vibration. Feel the love and peace inside you that are ever-present beyond the thoughts your ego creates.


On a deeper level, we are energy. We are one. We are interconnected. Everyone's life affects the rest. Accept and protect it. Yes, on an outer lever, we are the expression of different identities, but we all want the same things: Love, understanding, connection, acknowledgement, joy and peace.

So, can you look at another human being without immediately giving them a label? 


Because the minute you do, you're biased. You lose your ability to see the real being probably hiding behind the label. You lose the opportunity to make a more profound connection beyond both your surface identities.


Think about how every encounter would be different, deeper, and more meaningful if everyone met the other person with an open mind and heart, and without preconceptions. 


There's beauty and wisdom in everyone... if only we could give them the chance to shine through... and maybe teach us something new.


Do you choose to be angry, bitter or fearful, or would you rather be at peace with yourself and the world, and live in gratitude and love for the miracle life is?


The choice is yours. It all starts with you and comes back to you. 


Let’s not live in a world of fear, division and hatred.


Let’s create a world of joyful, loving, creative experiences, where we learn and evolve together, by helping and supporting each other to be the best we can be... by expressing our unique personalities and talents!


Go beyond labels.

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