Living your best life... doesn't mean what you think it means!

I’ve seen hundreds of posts about coaches advertising they’ll help you live your best life… hell, this is what I say too. But what does it actually mean?

I used to think it meant living in constant bliss! Having everything I want and more... freedom, money, friends, love... as all the ads promise! Always being happy, not having a care in the world because I’ll have magically solved all my problems.

Living your best life is not that!

Have you noticed that most coaches - and again I'm not excluding myself from this - share stories of how they overcame a bad situation in their lives, using the tools they want to teach you? They now look happy and fulfilled, like all their problems were in their past. It’s like there’s a silver line in their lives:

  • before this ‘awful’ time: bad…😞
  • after: good...!😀


Well, there’s no such thing!!!

Man with open hands and tree

I wanna let you in on a secret: There’s no guru, coach or person in the world, that’s constantly happy and carefree. Not even the ones that seem to you like they are.

What's their difference, then?

Living your best life is all about your mindset. It’s all about what you do when things go wrong because, at some point, they will.

Living your best life is all about learning to enjoy the present moment, appreciating the little things, celebrating the wins, loving with all your heart, expressing your authentic self, and doing as much of what you love.

When shit happens, know that this too shall pass. Give yourself a break and learn what you can from the situation. 

It’s all about going with the flow, with the least resistance, trusting your inner guidance and your higher self. Living your best life also means getting through rough times faster & easier, the best way you can.

My definition of living your best life is becoming a better version of yourself, not every day as most would suggest, but in the long run. If you could see your life in a chart [see below... no math needed], it should ideally have an upward trend! 


That's what I am talking about!

Even if occasionally, you fall a lot lower… it’s all about learning to love yourself no matter what, accepting your imperfections and stopping beating yourself down every time things go wrong. Embracing your downs and getting back up again, at your own pace, stronger and wiser than before.

Living your best life means: living as best as you can… and improving as you go!

There are tools to create this powerful, positive, Rockstar mindset. They DO work, but not always, not all the time. 

Promising you magic is not my thing, and it wouldn’t be true... although sometimes these tools can work like magic! You’ll have ups and downs, like me, like everyone else, and the only thing you can do is persist and learn how to get out of the down spirals faster.

What I can promise is to be there when you need me. Every step of the way. Sharing the tools, making sure you are supported, making your life a little bit easier, a little bit better.

More on this soon! For the time being, let me know if there's anything I can help you with.

Now, go be the Rockstar of your best - Oola - Life!

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