Who do you choose to be?

It saddens me to notice how far apart we've grown from each other and everything surrounding us. We're experiencing the consequences, but it seems that we're still not able to comprehend how we're contributing to every devastating event that happens on our planet.


We're arrogant. We believe that we're superior to any other species, and in the name of our survival, we do horrific things. (Sorry, if I'm offending some of you by generalising.)


Do we have proof that our actions are justified? I would argue, quite the contrary! Why? Because at the same time, we live in fear, hate and separation.  Leading to unhappiness, desperation and illness.


Social media - all media - and politicians play a key role in mass behaviour. People follow popular beliefs. We want to belong. But history has taught us that beliefs change.


There's no universal truth!

Stop for a minute and think:

"What if I'm wrong?"

"What if they're wrong?"

"Who am I to judge? I'm perfect?"

"Am I 100% sure?"

"Why do I feel the need to convince you I'm right?"


The question I ask myself daily is, who do I choose to be?


I choose to be a vegan, unvaccinated, one in a million, free spirit.

I choose to be the person who believes in myself and my body's capacity to heal and thrive. I believe in universal goodness. I believe we're all one, interconnected. We're energy and as energy, together and individually, we can accomplish anything. I believe we're so much stronger than we think.  This is my truth! You don't have to agree, and it's ok!


I believe in love. Love for other human beings, animals and the environment. Love begins with respect & acceptance. Respecting everyone's life and freedom on this planet.


I choose to NOT live in fear. I choose to love, respect and accept each and everyone for their truths and their choices. I choose to speak my truth even if it's not yours.


I believe that united we can live so much happier on this beautiful, miraculous, full of potential, planet.


Join me!

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